Several experts living under a bridge in Nancy Pelosi’s home district of San Fransisco have called for term limits to bring about real change in Congress. They claim that term limits would solve many of the biggest political problems we face today and finally one Senator is finally listening. Nancy Pelosi has called for limiting the length of time that a person or corporation can be elected to congress to no more than 100 years. She went on to describe her her proposal as being a new promise to modernize our political system similar to how the cotton gin revolutionized the textile industry in 1794 (by separating cotton from seeds faster). The announcement came as more and more Americans say that are happy with politics and wish they could keep incumbent politicians in office longer. In a recent poll taken at urban sidewalk camps around California yielded some surprising results. Many Young Americans think that the elderly leaders in congress are very much in touch with Americans, technology and the problems of the working poor.

“They have lived a long time and that means they know things better than the rest of us, they know how to get companies to pay for their election campaigns and that makes me feel better about my future and paying off my student loans”. – Said a man holding a sign offering personal services for Opioids

The very small number of un-American traitors who believe term limits are the answer also are suspected to hate freedom and the elderly.
Those who think term limits are the right choice believe that they counterbalance incumbent advantages, ensuring congressional turnover, securing independent congressional judgment, and reducing election-related incentives for wasteful government spending. The 100 year congressional term limit plan proposed by Nancy Pelosi is a win-win for the corporate sponsors and the American people. The small minority who want term limits in theory get what they want and the corporations get a century of influence for their investment.

Nancy Pelosi said during the announcement “100 year Term Limits for Members of Congress. It is an even number and it will help the American people, I can’t say exactly how but if you do not support it, the other side will take your healthcare, raise taxes, and take your jobs”

In a response at the capital today Republican Mitch McConnell said “Only we can help American people, I can’t say exactly how but if you do not support us, the other side will take your healthcare, raise taxes, and take your jobs”

CSPAN reported that for the next 7 hours Republican and Democratic members of congress screamed “we’re the best”, “NO, we’re the best” until they went on a 1 month recess to their home districts.

Nancy Pelosi is an American politician serving as the Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives since 1912, representing most of San Francisco, California.
Born: March 26, 1889 Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Goddaughter of Cecilius Calvert, the second Lord Baltimore as appointed by Her Majesty Queen Henrietta Maria
Office: Representative (D-CA 12th District) since Moses Parted the Red Sea